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Holiday decorating at its finest

I am happy to say that I have been receiving some really nice photos of your holiday decorations. Very inspiring stuff, and good to see how many folks are in the holiday spirit! If you want to send me your photos, just upload them to my email:[email protected] . I will post the first round of photos very soon, so stay tuned to this page! I had posted the outdoor lights here at the Edwards Estate, and decided you should have a look at a few interior shots as well. If you look closely at the tree, you will most likely see the theme….. Trains are a passion of mine, but even I think there are times I can go overboard (But certainly not at Christmastime)!

I can’t wait to see more of your photos, so send them right away!

From Thursday’s show, I talked about a survey involving holiday eating and willpower revealed something pretty obvious: 75 percent of us experience a bit of guilt after giving into favorite foods. Unfortunately more than half of those who feel guilt say it brings down their holiday spirit. 87 percent experience more food cravings over the holidays than any other time of year. The most sweets and desserts at the holidays are, in order: chocolate chip cookies; pumpkin pie; brownies; apple pie; ice cream; sugar cookies; cupcakes; snickerdoodle cookies; pecan pie; red velvet cake; gingerbread cookies. The most tempting holiday foods: mashed potatoes; turkey; stuffing; rolls; mac n cheese; ham; sweet potatoes or candied yams; green bean casserole; cranberry sauce; creamed corn; brisket.

And… If you know someone addicted to diagnosing their health problems online, they might be suffering from cyberchondria. Cyberchondria is the tendency to self-diagnose health problems online — to anxiety-producing results. A study (Pew) found that 35 percent of Americans take to the internet to diagnose their health maladies using sites like WebMD, Mayo Clinic, etc. But diagnosing yourself on the internet too often can pose its own unique dilemma: For instance, a quick Google search of the word “cough” produces a bunch of prognoses to choose from. WebMD’s symptom checker generates more than 50 results for “cough,” ranging in severity from the common cold to esophageal cancer. The same goes for a search for “toe numbness.” An internet diagnosis could lead you to believe that you’re afflicted with anything from an ingrown toenail to a spinal tumor to a stroke.

To conclude, something obvious … It might be men who always crack the mother-in-law jokes but research suggests the prickliest relationships are between women and their daughters-in-law. A study of hundreds of families revealed that nearly two-thirds of women admit that friction with their husband’s mother had caused them long-term unhappiness and stress. During the research, conducted over two decades, women accused their mothers-in-law of showing unreasonably jealous, maternal love towards their sons. And the frosty relations were found to be mutual as mothers-in-law complained that they had been isolated and excluded by their sons’ wives.


Cedar Falls Tiger Girls basketball vs. Dubuque Hempstead Thursday night, pre-game at 7:15.
Friday night, Iowa State basketball on Cruisin KCFI vs. DePaul. Pre-game at 6:30.
Then for Saturday, Cedar Falls Tiger boys basketball vs. Waterloo East, Pre-game at 2:15PM.

See you on the air tomorrow afternoon starting at 3, and this holiday season, please remember: One of the most compelling reasons to shop locally is to strengthen the place you call home, during good times and bad. Small businesses are often owned and operated by your community “neighbors,” and they contribute to the local economy by creating jobs, paying taxes, and investing in the town and region. When you shop at a small business, you’re supporting your neighbors’ livelihoods. You’re also promoting the development of your community and any nonprofits that its businesses support as well. Every local purchase results in multiple benefits!



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