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What was your first concert?

I was visiting with some friends over the weekend, and I was talking about how being in the radio industry, I have had the unique opportunity to see some great live music events. To enhance the experience, I have also had the honor to meet and visit with many of the artists. As you would have imagined, some artists were much better to spend time with than others. I will not talk about the bad ones, but the few that I considered very open and accessible included the legendary Charlie Daniels (who, before signing a fan’s violin case, asked her to play a tune for him – very cool), Mike Love and Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys, who regaled members of the radio staff with numerous stories of their life on the road, Eddie Money, Who after an interview with me, asked for a light  and promptly stole my lighter (yes, it was back when I was a smoker – Shame on me). Yeah, it was a jerk move on his part, but still a great story. On the country side there was Teri Clark who, at the height of her fame, allowed any and all who came to her show to a meet and greet – much to the chagrin of her handlers. Gretchen Wilson came to perform at a county fair in the county I lived in at the time. When I was there for an interview, I had to wait until she came back with her daughter, as they were out on the midway riding the rides. I thought that was pretty awesome. I also had the good fortune to welcome the legendary Oak Ridge Boys to the Cedar Valley not once, but twice. This is my favorite story from them: My mom had never considered my career in radio a real job. She felt that farming, or building tractors was real work (and she was right), but I was just playing around (Again – she was right). When the Oaks came to the Gallagher Bluedorn to do a show, I took her with me. When she met “The Boys”, they immediately hit it off. They were chatting like old friends. Practically had to drag them away from one another so they could do their show. It was at that minute that Mom finally admitted that I did have a real job, and that it was pretty cool. Joe Bonsall had just written a book about his parents, and he sent her a personally autographed copy to mom with a real nice note included. When she turned 90, she received a nice card from them as well. About a year after their first meeting, the Boys returned to the Gallagher Bluedorn for another show. I was sure to bring mom with me. At that time, she had just started seeing the man she would eventually marry, so Dwayne came with us. When mom went backstage to say hello, it was like old home week. They all had a great time catching up like old friends. When they were doing the show, they stopped halfway through to ask mom and Dwayne to stand up and be introduced. They then sang a beautiful love song to Mom and Dwayne. It was a night to remember for sure! I could go on for hours about the shows I have seen and the artists I have met, but that will be saved for another time. This being said, music is such an important part of our lives that when we have the opportunity to see our favorite performers live, it creates a bond that we remember for the rest of our lives. Because of that, I really want to know : What was your first concert? Email me your responses to [email protected]  I would love to hear your responses.
And, as always, you can also send me your items of interest, photos or anything you would like to share to that address as well.

On a side note, as a self admitted Doctor Who geek, I would be remiss if I did not say a very happy 90th birthday to the 4th (and arguably the most popular Doctor) Tom Baker who turned 90 on Saturday, January 20th. Cheers, and many more, Doctor !

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