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QUICK TIP TO IMPROVE YOUR 2024 FINANCES _ With 2024 underway, New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen. But study after study shows that annual resolutions are rarely kept. If your resolution is to control your money and save more, here’s an easy way to start: track one expense. A lot of people hate to budget, and tracking every dime spent is tedious and often unhelpful. Instead, develop the habit of tracking just one spending category. Pick an expense that you believe may be a problem area for your budget, and keep track of spending in just that one category. Once you get spending in that category under control, start tracking the next expense that’s causing you to blow through your budget.


Last week,I asked the question: What was your first live concert? I received many great responses, among them, Dave Brown said he saw Three Dog Night at McElroy in 1974. Remember when McElroy was THE place to see live shows? Gary Igoo Mommens saw ZZ Top in their heyday. (I saw the trio at the Delaware County Fair in Manchester about a week before Dusty Hill passed away – I was so happy I saw the show, and it was a reminder that when a favorite classic band comes to the area, get your tickets and go. You never know when their next concert might be their last. Maudlin I know, but it is the sad reality) Mark Fleming caught the Beach Boys at the UNI Dome back in 1978. I personally saw a lot of awesome shows there at the dome. We were very fortunate to have a venue like that to attract top named acts to our community. You are welcome to give us your live musical memories by emailing me at [email protected] , or commenting on our Facebook page .


I was chatting with some friends over the weekend, and they had some of their grandchildren stop by. I loved how the kids had nicknames they called their grandparents. I got to thinking that there seems to be as many unique names for grandparents as there are stars in the sky. When I was young, I was a lot more formal, and just called them Grandma and Grandpa. Heck, I didn’t even know they had first names until I was well into my teens. It was certainly a different time! This made me want to know: What special nicknames do your grandkids call you? Get me your answers  by emailing me at [email protected] , or commenting on our Facebook page . I look forward to reading your responses and I will share a few here on the blog. 

As always, I love hearing from you, and this seems to be the best place to share your thoughts, comments and ideas. If you know of a community event coming up, or a personal item like a birthday or anniversary, all you need to do is drop me an email at [email protected] . I want to see your photos and anything else of interest to you and I might just share those items right here on my blog. Thanks for being a loyal and faithful listener to Cruisin’ KCFI, and we will be together again tomorrow from 3 to 7 pm. 


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