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Be a rebel today!

Today, we celebrate “Tear the Tags Off the Mattress Day”. For a guy my age, it sounds like the kind of simple act of rebellion that I can get behind. But now, the question is raised…. Why shouldn’t we be tearing tags off mattresses in the first place? Let’s break it down:

Is It Illegal To Rip The Tag Off A Mattress?

Legal Misconceptions:

  • For Consumers: Once purchased, the consumer can legally remove the tag. The warning is primarily directed at retailers and manufacturers.
  • For Retailers and Manufacturers: Removing or tampering with the tag before sale is illegal, as it contains information critical to consumer rights and industry regulation.

Legal Rationale:

  • Protects Integrity: The law ensures the integrity of the information on the tag, crucial for health and safety standards.
  • Prevents Deceptive Practices: Helps prevent the sale of used, refurbished, or altered mattresses as new.

What Is The Penalty For Removing A Mattress Tag?


  • For Manufacturers and Sellers: Legal and financial repercussions for violating consumer protection laws.
  • For Consumers: Generally, no penalty for removing the tag after purchase.

    So .. in the simplest of terms, once you buy a mattress, you can do doggone anything you want to it. Kinda takes the fun out of it now, doesn’t it ?



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