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Drop the fork, mister …


BuzzFeed put together a list of foods we’re not supposed to eat with a fork. Those items are: 
• Pizza
• Chicken wings
• Sushi
• Hot dog
• Spring roll
• Watermelon
• Sandwich
• Ribs
• Donuts
• Cheeseburger
• Lobster
• Popcorn
. Now to me, that is all well and good, but since I live alone, depending on the dirty dish situation, or how hungry I might be at any given time, almost any consumable at the Edwards Estate could be considered finger food.

HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD PAY YOUR BABYSITTER IN 2024 _ To learn the going rate of babysitters these days, your best bet is to ask other parents in your neighborhood. Still, it’s good to have a general idea of what people are paying. UrbanSitter has just put out its 12th Annual Babysitter Rates survey, which reveals the average hourly babysitting rates in major cities across the country. Generally, average babysitting rates in the U.S. rose significantly in the past year: a 9.7 percent increase. If you’re looking for a sitter, you’ve likely seen higher rates this year with $22.68/hr being the national average hourly rate for babysitting one kid and $25.37/hr the hourly rate for babysitting two kids. (VIEW STATE CHART)

Like many of us in Northeast Iowa, I took some time late Friday night to go look at the Northern Lights. I live in a small rural community a few miles East of Waterloo/Cedar Falls, so going out to find an optimal viewing place was pretty easy. The one thing that surprised me was the fact that seeing the lights with the naked eye was a challenge, but through the lens of a camera, the spectacle literally came to life. I was with a good friend, and his camera really took some breathtaking images. I will post one here, but in all honesty, it would be almost impossible to choose a favorite. If you have a photo of the lights you would like to share, leave it in the comments section of our Facebook Page (Photo courtesy of Edgar Carrasco)

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