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June is right around the corner, and if there is one thing we associate with June, it would be weddings. The majority of weddings go off without a hitch (so to speak), but there are those rare occasions that make you cringe. Because of that, the internet asked the question: What’s the weirdest, craziest or most disturbing thing you’ve witnessed at a wedding? And these are a few of the answers. Enjoy !

“In the middle of the reception a birthday cake was rolled out and some people started singing happy birthday. The birthday cake was bigger than the wedding cake. Turns out it was the mother of the groom’s birthday, but the bride had no idea this was going to happen.”

“My friend was getting married and on the wedding day the bride’s husband showed up to break up the wedding. My friend had no idea she was married with children.”

“Priest was asking the groom if his new bride and his mother (who was seated in the first row) were both drowning in a river and he could only save one, who would he save? And he (priest) refused to proceed with the ceremony until a choice was made.”

“I was a wedding DJ for many years. The two wildest things I have seen are: 1. The parents of the bride were divorced and the father was at the wedding with his significantly younger girlfriend. It was obvious that no one there really approved of her. During the reception, people were giving toasts to the new couple. The father then begins to give his toast, at which time he gets on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend in front of everyone with mic in hand…AT HIS DAUGHTER’S WEDDING. All of this was to the shock and awe of all attendees. It was dead quiet in the room…except for the ecstatic new fiancé.”

“My good friend and coworker invited me as his plus one to his IDENTICAL TWINS cousin’s wedding. Twins, as in both were getting married at the same time, same venue. A bit confused, I asked him why they decided to get married on the same day. And with a smirk, he said, ‘oh that’s not the weirdest part. My cousins are getting married to IDENTICAL TWINS AS WELL!!!” In complete disbelief, he showed me a picture of the four of them on holiday somewhere. Day of the wedding (huge wedding, btw, 200+ people) I watched two identical grooms and two identical brides walk down the aisle for their combined ceremony. To this day, I have never seen anything like it. Mind-blown.”


And now to the more serious part of a relationship ….. THIS IS HOW MANY COUPLES SURVIVE AN AFFAIR _ While why men cheat and why women cheat tend to differ, there’s no denying that infidelity is not uncommon for both sexes. We often talk about why and how many people cheat — and a survey found that 20 percent of married men and 13 percent of married women had admitted to cheating. But how many survive the affair is a less often discussed. A survey (by Health Testing Centers) offered some answers. The survey polled 441 people who admitted to cheating while in a committed relationship, and found that more than half (54.5%) broke up immediately after the truth came out. Another 30 percent tried to stay together but broke up eventually, and only 15.6 percent survived this break of trust. Interestingly enough, the statistics surrounding whether or not people decided to stay together varied significantly based on their relationship status. Almost a quarter (23.6%) of married couples decided to try to work things out, versus only 13.6% of people who were in a committed partnership. There are also gender disparities, as women were almost twice as likely to say they were still with their partner following a confession of infidelity. And the nature of the affair also played a role, considering that 19.7 percent of couples chose to stay together after a one-night stand, versus only 12.7 percent of couples who found out their partner had engaged in a long-term affair. Among those who decided to not break up immediately, 61 percent of cheaters said their partner implemented rules and consequences as a result of the affair. The majority (55.7%) said that they allowed their partner to look through their phone. Other common regulations included avoiding certain friends, limitations on going out, letting their partner access their social media, and withholding sex.

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