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I’m sounding smarter already!

On the show today, I shared with you some conversation skills that make you look smart. As promised, here is that list:

• Be the “You were saying?” person. Let’s say somebody gets cut off during a group conversation. Be the one to bring the person back into the conversation by saying, “You were saying?”
• Be the “Tell me more” person. This is a person that is genuinely asking you follow up questions, trying to get to know you better.
• Be the “We were just saying” person. If someone new comes into the conversation, into the group, be the one to loop that person into the conversation… it makes them feel important.
• Be the “What do you mean by that?” person. This is one to use on someone who’s delivered a passive-aggressive comment. Following up with “What do you mean by that?” will force them to recognize how they spoke. It’s an immediate way to shut down any sort of negative talk.

Finish this sentence: There should be a limit on…”
• How many times you can miss using your turn signal before your car just stops working.
• The number of people who can speak to you on Mondays.
• Movie remakes.
• How much old junk you can bring up during an argument.
If you know of something that there should be a limit on, I would love to hear from you. Simple to get your ideas to me – Just email me at [email protected] , or swing by our Facebook page. And while you are emailing me, feel free to send me any ideas you might have on what you would like me to post here on the blog. You can also let me know of any items of interest you would like me to share here.

Next week, I will have a question to ask you about the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivities as well as a few items of interest, so be sure to stand by. Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by the rest area !

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