DOLLY FORTIER – Monday through Friday 10am to 3pm

ROB EDWARDS – Monday through Friday 3pm to 7pm


BLUE SUEDE CONNECTION, Tuesday 9-11pm – Blue Suede Connection is hosted by lifelong Elvis fans, Dan Hawthorne and Patricia (TL) Garber.  The show offers a weekly two-hour Graceland adventure celebrating the music of Elvis Presley and his lasting impact on popular music.  Co-hosts Dan and TL bring their charismatic fun to the program and mix up the music with weekly themed shows such as Elvis Gospel, Beach Party Elvis, 50’s Sock Hop, Elvis and the Movies, and more.  You can connect with Dan and TL by liking their page on Facebook, or surf to

THE DOO-WOP STOP, Wednesday 9-12m – Cool Bobby B (Bob Backman) is a radio disc jockey who hosts a doo-wop oldies radio program called Cool Bobby B’s Doo Wop Stop. Though he is currently based out of Cincinnati, the introduction to his program suggest that when he was a young man in Pennsylvania in 1957, he ended up on the wanted list after he broke into a radio station and illegally cranked up the transmitter power to a million watts so he could air his doo-wop records to be heard throughout the eastern United States. It’s also mentioned that his program emanates from an undisclosed location as he is “still wanted to this day.”  His trademark sunglasses and cowbell are used on the air to this day as well.  Cool Bobby B’s show website is:

LIVE FROM THE 60’s with the Real Don Steele, Thursday 9-12m – In 1987, M.G. Kelly and The Real Don Steele joined forces to launch a massive radio production entitled: Live From the 60’s with the Real Don Steele. The series was an instant hit and ran for nearly 7 years on more than 200 radio stations across the country.  This 3-hour rebroadcast brings back radio’s lost art of Theater of The Mind! Each week, The Real Don Steele enters a time warp to the 1960’s. From there, the music and events of the decade become present day!

THE TOP 20 ROCK N ROLL COUNTDOWN SHOW, Saturday 8-10am, rebroadcast Monday 9-11pm.  Legendary Waterloo-Cedar Falls broadcaster Kelly Neff shares his vast music and interview library by presenting the top 20 songs of a given date in history.  It’s a fabulous look back in time, along with songs you might not have heard before, or for a very long time.  Reach out to Kelly at [email protected].

THE 70s WITH STEVE GODDARD, Saturday 7-10PM – Grab your leisure suit, lava lamp, platform shoes and bell bottoms and take a three hour trip back to the times of The Brady Bunch, S*W*A*T, and The Partridge Family. Steve Goddard hosts “The 70’s”, Saturday nights on Cruisin KCFI. Enjoy music from Elton John, The Eagles, America, Chicago, and more!  Like Steve on Facebook.

GREATEST HITS USA, Sunday 3-6PM – Greatest Hits USA plays all your favorites from the ‘60s and ‘70’s, plus host Chuck Matthews adds the facts and figures that make it fun.  Call and leave a song request for Chuck at 855-USA-HITS (855-872-4487). Find out more about the show at

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