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What do you remember about television when you were young?

• Your phone and TV remote have their own side of the bed.
• It takes two weeks for your dishwasher to be full.
• Your cat is the only one with access to all your passwords.
• You are fluent in Klingon.
• You finished Netflix.


I was doing a little show prep today as I usually do, and came upon this rather thought provoking list, and thought I would share it with you:

10 Awesome things money can’t buy:
1- Manners
2- Morals
3- Respect
4- Character
5- Common Sense
6- Trust
7- Patience
8- Class
9- Integrity
10- Love
A short, but powerful list. I would advise you send this list to everyone in your address book.

From today’s show:
MOST COMMON ARGUMENTS COUPLES HAVE OVER FOOD _ Couple over all sorts of things — from money, to parenting style, to driving habits. And now we know the arguments couples have over food. These are the top arguments:
1. What we’re going to have for the meal
2. What time to eat
3. The cook making too much of a mess / not tidying as they go along
4. Whether someone is interfering in the cooking
5. Whether you should have carry-out
6. Whether a meal should include an item the other person doesn’t like, such as mushrooms
7. Who should clean up after the meal
8. How spicy a meal should be
9. Who should cook

Today in the show, I had mentioned that there were 516 adult scripted original series that aired on broadcast, streaming or cable, down 14 percent from the 600 series that aired in 2022.  Despite the dip, there is still way more television out there. For example, in 2002 there were just 182 such shows. I also said that when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, we only had 4 networks to choose from (WMT – now KGAN, KCRG and KWWL. Later on, PBS made it’s debut), and as you might guess, the shows we watched were mostly what Dad wanted to see. Thank heavens, we all shared his taste in programming…. until Saturday night when Lawrence Welk came on. I was also the official channel changer. Either way, viewing was a lot simpler. You waited for the Sunday paper and got the TV listings in the supplement. I still remember the first color TV we owned. Like most, it was one of those huge entertainment cabinets that had the TV, Stereo and record player in it. That thing lasted for what seemed like forever. I also remember the classic local television of the day. Bob Bruenner and Dave Shay were fixtures in our home, as well as Conrad Johnson. No day would be complete without Dr.Max and Mombo after school. As you can tell, we were a Channel 2 family, and no surprise, it stayed that way to this very day. No disrespect to the other channels, this was just the way we were back then. I would love to know what your early TV memories were. Who and what you watched, black and white or color, we all have those great memories, so please email me at [email protected] , or reply on our Facebook page.

Have a terrific weekend, and I’ll visit with you Monday at 3!


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