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Thanksgiving week

Well, it has been a while since I have had the opportunity to stop into the rest area and give an update, so here’s what I have for you as we begin Thanksgiving week:

I have a few area items of interest from our friends at the Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitor’s Bureau:

The 15th Annual Holiday Hoopla Kickoff will take place on Friday, November 24 from 6-8pm at the River Place Plaza!

Come join the fun at the Holiday Hoopla celebration! You’ll get to enjoy live music from the Hoopla band, meet cartoon characters, and even get a chance to greet Mrs. Claus at Santa’s Workshop! Don’t miss Santa’s grand entrance and the magical march towards the fireworks over the Cedar River – it’ll be an unforgettable evening. The festivities run through December 23.

Harry Connick, Jr’s The Happy Elf

Cedar Falls Community Theatre December 1-10. From the Grammy Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated composer and lyricist comes a new musical featuring Eubie the Elf. Families will love this holiday tale of friendship, the power of positivity, and overcoming adversity! For tickets and more information, Click HERE


And, just a quick Holiday update for the outdoor Christmas decorating at the palatial Edwards Estate, I took advantage of the exceptional weather, and have the lights strung up and ready to go for the official lighting on Friday. Here is a taste: (the lights were test lit, then shut off until the appropriate time)

When everything is up and running inside and out, I will share the results with you! (I know you can hardly wait)


And, from the show today:

WINTER DRIVING RULES _ Unless you’re planning on spending the next few months in Florida, odds are you’ll have to deal with icy or snow-covered roads at some point. A recent survey reveals just how little people know about winter driving.
• Nearly half of those surveyed didn’t know that the gas tank should be at least half full in order to continue providing heat in case of an emergency
• 38 percent didn’t know driving while using cruise control, even in clear conditions, could be dangerous
• 24 percent did not know to turn the wheel in the direction of a skid
• Though not true, 37 percent of people with four- and all-wheel-drive drive vehicles think they are less likely to have an accident.

ANOTHER SURVEY ON TIPPING _ A new survey found that 92 percent of Americans leave a tip when eating at a restaurant where there are servers, 78 percent tip the person who gave them a haircut, 76 percent tip their delivery driver, and 70 percent tip their bartenders. Just 61 percent of people always or often tip their taxi or rideshare driver, just 25 percent of people buying coffee, and 12 percent tip at fast casual restaurants where there are no servers. Perhaps most surprisingly, 57 percent of adults said they tipped 15 percent or less at a sit-down restaurant.

As always, thanks so much for tuning in every weekday from 3-7. When asked what I am thankful for, I always remember my awesome listeners who have made it possible for me to have fun every day for the past 10 plus years here on /cruisin’ KCFI !



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