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MOST MISPRONOUNCED WORDS AND PHRASES – We all are guilty of mispronouncing words from time to time, but our friends at has found the 80 most commonly mispronounced words in the English language. Follow the link to see the list!


I had a roommate in college who was so offended by my lack of effort in college that he mailed a hand written letter to my parents before the end of my freshman year about how little I was going to class.
My freshman year roommate left so much of his stuff on the floor of his side of the room that he needed a running start to jump over it to get to his bed.

I had a roommate who was the dirtiest man I’ve ever met. He didn’t do laundry for six months, and would just re-wear his dirty clothes.

He liked to strip near-naked in the background while I was video-chatting my girlfriend.

I was fortunate. Back when I lived in Colorado, I had an awesome roommate who is still a very good friend, but it looks like some had a different experience!

As heard on today’s show:   THE HIDDEN COSTS OF TOO MUCH STUFF _ It’s not just the gear, the gadgets and the gizmos. It’s the bigger house, the wasted energy, and the missed opportunities that come with them. “This is the stuff that is making us poor in America.” Financial planner and author Ilyce Glink we too often buy without stopping to consider:
1. Is it necessary?
2. Can I afford it?
3. The most important: What is this new thing really costing me?
The National Association of Home Builders says the average size of a home in 1970 was 1,500 square. Today it’s over 2,700. Most people’s spending is motivated by what they see around them. For example, when a focus group was asked why people renovated their kitchens, many said it was because their friends had done it.

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